Meme Contest Voting Rules

Since XCarnival’s meme contest began, we have received a lot of great meme works. In order to make the contest fair and just, and to involve more people in the selection and decision making process, we decided to let everyone in the community participate in the voting and choose the best meme works to get our airdrop prize.

Voting rules:

We already short-listed 10 candidates from the many meme entries submitted.

The Preliminary Voting is to be conducted in the telegram community, and we will start with 10 short-listed meme works and then vote out 4 finalists…

Airdrops FAQ

1 How to Claim CMC Airdrops?

The community members that are eligible to claim the tokens are those who’ve followed the steps and won during the CMC & XCV airdrop campaigns. The winners can claim the tokens 3 days after the IDO. Since we are not listed yet, all the winners have their tokens on the record and you could check them out here:

2 How to buy $ XCV Token?

Thank you for your interests and passions for our project, we also believe $XCV is the token worth having and holding. That said, $XCV is not listed yet, as we are still building our products and preparing for the mainnet launch…

1) Dear community members, please be aware of scams.

XCarnival is not launched yet, so any launch under our name is a scam.

2) fake contract addresses as follows:



3) the scams are seen on pancake, BSC, Bitquery, maybe more, please always be careful when you see them – you could always join our official telegram group:

and look for admin to confirm, or write to us at:

XCarnival community will replay the AMA live on July 6th.All answers you want are here!

CEO Leon Liu:

Founder of Australia’s first blockchain fund with full compliance. COO of Australia’s largest cross-border payment finance company. Founder of the largest BSC Chinese community-BroLeon with over 50K members.

CMO:Vivi Lin

Global media personality, crypto influencer and marketing expert. Well-known Innovation advisor between Silicon Valley and China.

Global media personality, crypto influencer and marketing expert. Well-known Innovation advisor between Silicon Valley and China.

AMA review:


Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to XCarnival’s first internal AMA at the XCarnival Community, exclusively for our community members.

In order to further improve the service quality of the platform, enhance the brand image and affinity, and gradually establish a DAO community for global users, XCarnival is launching a Meme campaign!

Now we invite users, content creators and designers to participate in the campaign!

This round of XCarnival bounty is for 3,000 $XCV.

Meme Design


1. The work must be original and in line with the brand positioning of XCarnival.

2. The design must be vivid, colorful, and highly extensible and applicable.

3. The design style and expression are not limited, and the software used is not limited.

Design Awards.

Winner Award…

XCarnival $XCV Airdrop is LIVE!! – Round 1

Dear XCarnival Family:

We are excited to announce that our airdrop event co-hosted by CoinMarketCap will be LIVE at 12:00 am UTC+08:00, June 28th. During this event, 100,000 XCV will be distributed. 1000 lucky winners will be rewarded!!


Event Duration: June 28th-July 3rd

Claim Day: After IDO 3 days

How to Participate:

1.Follow our Twitter account:

June 17th 2021


Mohammad Musharraf

B2B copywriter || Fintech || Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Get in touch for copywriting projects.

As synthetic assets gain more popularity, I reached out to the founder of XCarnival, a DeFi project focusing on this segment of the financial industry. This interview with XCarnival CEO, Leon Liu, explores the various aspects of synthetic assets and their importance in the DeFi sector.

Q1. Welcome to Unhashed. What’s your crypto story? How did you first start out in this space and what led you to the idea of XCarnival?

Answer: Hi, let me introduce myself briefly. I…

XCarnival is participating in the Blockchain Hackathon in Singapore online hackathon, which is being co-organized by Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks. The online hackathon which has an initial prize pool of a whopping $8,000 and is sponsored by BSC and Konomi.

The Grant distribution is based on a quadratic voting algorithm, with all votes directly affecting the distribution of the $8,000 prize pool. Anyone can vote for XCarnival using the USDC.

How to Vote?

1. The first ticket costs 0.1 USDC. Hence, one has to prepare the USDC first, and this USDC can be exchanged in DoDo and Pancake.


In case you haven’t read our beginner’s guide to Synthetic Assets, here’s a little primer on this exciting concept. Synthetic assets generally refer to a blend of assets that have the same value as another asset. Think of it as a mirror asset, representing another asset, much like a derivative. Synthetics combine several derivative products, futures, or swaps — that mimic a fundamental asset — stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or interest rates.

For example, instead of buying a stock, an investment firm can buy a call option, sell a put option on the same stock. …

Although cryptocurrency and digital assets have been around for more than a decade now, it was only recently that they gained so significantly in popularity and started becoming mainstream. The digital assets industry has only gotten started, and in the future, one can expect a revolutionary transformation in the market.

The Present

Currently, the digital assets industry has seen unprecedented growth in the applications of blockchain technology and the tokenization of assets. Extending beyond the mere scope of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has far-fetched applications in the everyday lives of human beings.

The innovations in blockchain alone could potentially become the greatest inventions of…


XCarnival Official

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