XCarnival joins hands with Galaxy to empowers Metaverse

Today we are beyond excited to announce that XCarnival, a lending aggregator for Metaverse assets, and Project Galaxy have reached a strategic partnership. Both parties will work together to foster a deeper integration on NFT utility, infrastructure construction and marketing. We aim to jointly help promote the governance and development of the Metaverse ecosystem, stimulate the value of the Metaverse NFT, create a vibrant NFT market, and bring them to another level and better future.

Meme Contest Voting Rules

Since XCarnival’s meme contest began, we have received a lot of great meme works. In order to make the contest fair and just, and to involve more people in the selection and decision making process, we decided to let everyone in the community participate in the voting and choose the best meme works to get our airdrop prize.

  1. The Preliminary Voting:

Airdrops FAQ

1 How to Claim CMC Airdrops?

The community members that are eligible to claim the tokens are those who’ve followed the steps and won during the CMC & XCV airdrop campaigns. The winners can claim the tokens 3 days after the IDO. Since we are not listed yet, all the winners have their tokens on the record and you could check them out here:

2 How to buy $ XCV Token?

Thank you for your interests and passions for our project, we also believe $XCV is the token worth having and holding. That said, $XCV is not listed yet, as we are still building our products and preparing for the mainnet launch…


Meme Design


Design Awards.

Winner Award…


XCarnival Official

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