How to Get Abeats Authentic Naruto NFT Whitelists?

2 min readJan 21, 2022


Abeats will sell Naruto NFT in 27th Jan 2022, users only have whitelist could purchase their Naruto NFTs.

Now, 250 Official Authentic #Naruto NFT Whitelists are already in the pool

Join to complete your tasks!

To get a whitelist, you need to:

1. Change the name to ‘XX Xcarnival’

2. Invite 15 people to join the community

3.Reach Level.10 through chat

4. Send 1 x-ticket to the official destruction address

5. Post the screenshot of your x-ticket transfer record on Twitter and put it on @XCarnival official tweet and three other NFT collectors with four tags of #xcarnival #xcv #nft #nftcommunity. More than 20 twitter fans are required.

6. The submitted whitelist address holds more than 500 $xcv until mint

After completing the above operations, contact the administrator to submit the white list address

Abeats Communities

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