NFT Liquidity Solutions Platform XCarnival will Launch on Ethereum with Super Rewards Available for 96hrs!

5 min readJun 6, 2022


XCarnival’s mainnet will officially launch on Ethereum on June 6 at 12:00 AM (UTC)! The team will advance its cross-chain deployment of public chains such as Polygon, Solona, and AVAX concurrently.

XCarnival’s test network is successfully completed

Launching on Ethereum is a milestone for XCarnival, and will be a test of our continuous exploration and efforts on innovative NFT liquidity solutions. From the early entry into the BNB Chain ecosystem with its XBroker and Megabox modules that deliver peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions to overcome the bottlenecks in early NFT lending, to the launch of XPawn, a peer-to-pool lending solution, on Ethereum, in May this year, we have successfully completed the public beta testing of the test network on Ethereum with the joint efforts of the team. More than 5,000 users worldwide participated in the testing of the test network, with a TVL of over 50,000ETH and more than 300 product suggestions from the community.

XCarnival’s test network demonstrates that its launch feature is almost ready. In the meantime, we have also developed and upgraded some features, and continued to fix bugs from tests and improve performance, to ensure a smooth launch of the mainnet.

Core partners provide support for XCarnival’s mainnet launch on Ethereum

The establishment of a NFT protocol platform would not have been possible without the concerted efforts of all participants. We continue to explore the infrastructure capabilities of NFT collateralized lending through an open and distributed format. We appreciate everyone’s time and expertise, and the many eco-partners we have invited to build user-oriented applications to make XCarnival more accessible and easier to use.

We would like to give very special thanks to (Items are sorted alphabetically


  • Core DAO partner: 7UP DAO, for helping XCarnival build links to DAO and bring more community collaboration opportunities.
  • Core Solana NFT eco-partner: Banksea, for helping XCarnival build its eco-matrix on the Solana public chain.
  • Core wallet application partner: BitKeep, for providing wallet access for XCarnival.
  • Core decentralized fiat currency trading market partner: Bit.Store, for providing XCarnival with direct fiat currenty purchase channel services.
  • Core blue-chip liquidity solution partner: Cedar, for providing practical usage scenarios for the “buy now, pay later” model, and for working with XCarnival to fully cover NFT liquidity requirements.
  • Core smart contract security audit partner: CertiK, for supporting the underlying security of XCarnival’s base protocol.
  • Core DEX partner: iZiSwap, for providing XCarnival with a more capital efficient decentralized exchange to support centralized liquidity and the limit order feature.
  • Core community building partner: MetaJam, for introducing more community building partners to XCarnival to help expand its presence and raise its fame.
  • Core aggregation and NFT market partner: Mintverse, for working with XCarnival to promote the establishment of the collateral sales aggregation model.
  • Core NFT data partner: NFTGo, for providing XCarnival with underlying data support and working with XCarnival in the development of blue-chip NFT collateralized lending and prophecy machine mechanisms; and NFTScan, for providing API support to XCarnival and offering assistance for the development of blue-chip NFT collateralized lending and prophecy machine mechanisms.
  • Core financial derivatives market service partner: Shield, for providing single currency staking derivatives service for XCarnival.
  • Core Socialfi partner: ShowMe, for providing XCarnival with a community content distribution mechanism, helping to establish a vertical community system and opening up user communication channels.
  • Core financial instruments asset partner: Solv, for helping XCarnival expand the supported asset types to financial instruments to enrich the layout of its ecosystem.

Building on the support of its trusted partners, XCarnival can provide a more vertical NFT liquidity service for the Ethereum ecosystem. While supporting more than 30 kinds of high-quality assets including BAYC, CloneX, Moonbirds, and Doodles, XCarnival retains the pledgee’s NFT ownership and supports them to receive all kinds of airdrops to respond to the blue-chip NFT airdrops on Ethereum. A liquidation fund is also set up to ensure asset security of the underlying protocol to the greatest extent.

In response to challenges on pricing, clearing, and operation, we work with partners on the prophecy machine feeding price to continuously track and adopt the optimal algorithm to significantly increase the capital utilization rate, while giving NFT pledgees more reasonable interest rates and reducing the probability of extreme cases through sub pools. The integrity of the product structure also mends the liquidity shortcomings for the entire NFT asset ecosystem.

Join in 96-hour campaign for super generous rewards, be part of XCarnival’s milestone

The process of creating XCarnival is great. We will launch a 96-hour rewards campaign featuring XCarnival’s mainnet deposit pool and NFT loan pool worth of $ETH at 12:00 AM (UTC) on June 6 concurrently.

The limited-time Super Incentive Event launched through the XCarnival official website

Meanwhile, XPawn blue-chip NFT collateralized lending will also be activated to provide liquidity support for massive NFTs on the mainnet of Ethereum. The rewards campaign starts from June 6 at 12:00 AM (UTC) and ends on June 10 at 12:00 AM (UTC). XCarnival will offer 2,000,000 $XCV tokens as rewards and a 10% referral bonus! Complete any one or more than two of the following tasks, you will have a chance to divide the super generous rewards!

1. Deposit rewards: If a user makes a successful deposit of $ETH within 96 hours after the campaign starts, he/she will receive a deposit rate and $XCV tokens in proportionate to the deposit amount.

2. Borrowing rewards: If a user registers for pre-borrowing and completes the borrowing process within 48 hours after the campaign starts, he/she will receive $XCV tokens in proportionate to the borrowing amount.

3. Invite rewards: During the above campaign period, those who successfully invite friends to complete the above deposit or borrowing tasks will receive an additional +10% bonus (completion bonus) on top of the total deposit and borrowing rewards.

Participants will also have a chance to win a limited edition of XCarnival PASS NFT to share the profit of the project! The 96-hour rewards campaign is a great opportunity for both OGs and newbies in the NFT field, to learn, create, and explore. Let’s join hands to create a dynamic community together. We will remember all the contributors. You’re a core contributor to launch mainnet! We can’t wait to work with you on this campaign!

For more details for joining the 96hrs campaign, click below link and join us!