X-Pawn: NFT liquidity solution for multi-chain ecosystem

What is X-Pawn

X-Pawn is the core of XCarnival 2.0, a high-quality NFT official mortgage pool based on Pool2c model, with the goal of solving the pain point of insufficient NFT liquidity in the Web3.0 world and releasing funds for users to meet more diversified investment needs with the NFT lending bank model. X-Pawn will be launched on the main ETH network in May, and will be followed by BSC, SOLANA, Polkadot and other high-quality blockchain ecologies to achieve a comprehensive layout of X-Pawn’s multi-chain ecology.

X-Pawn Operation Mechanism

ETH holders deposit funds into X-Pawn deposit pool to obtain dynamic deposit revenue.

NFT holders pledge NFT to X-Pawn and lend ETH funds according to the system’s dynamically given price and loan ratio ceiling, and return the principal and interest when repaying, and the corresponding NFT is released from pledge.

XCV holder pledges XCV to X-Pawn ecology for voting decision, including online collateralizable NFT categories, total loan cap for each NFT project, etc.

After default occurs, the X-Pawn liquidation and insurance mechanism will liquidate the defaulted NFTs by auction to protect the rights and interests of depositors.

Advantages of X-Pawn

High-quality deposit rates: X-Pawn will successively bring online BTC, USDT, DAI and other multi-category stable coins or blue-chip assets to join the deposit pool and provide stable and competitive high-quality deposit rates for the holders of the above assets, which is especially important in the current market with strong downward pressure.

Competitive loan rates: The NFT projects included in the X-Pawn loan pool mainly include high-quality blue chips and high-growth. While continuously enriching the NFT projects available for lending, and providing the above-mentioned assets with better than market peers and reasonable pledged loan rates, we provide high-quality NFT holders with satisfactory financing costs.

Self-designed price prediction machine: Compared with the industry’s simpler NFT floor pricing and loan ratio determination, X-Pawn has developed an NFT price prediction machine based on one year of mature experience in operation to ensure reasonable pricing of NFT assets and safe lending mechanism.

Safe and reliable contract audit: XCarnival’s product contracts on BSC have all passed security audits by Certik and Pai Shield, and X-Pawn’s contracts are already under Certik audit while the product is being tested and will be completed before the main web launch. At the same time, X-Pawn product team is also the champion team of BSC Baskerville Battle Royal, so the security is trustworthy.

Perfect DAO management mechanism: To support the development of X-Pawn, XCarnival will launch a perfect DAO management mechanism, including connecting to the upstream and downstream resources of NFT, building a community cooperation grid, and attracting new and fresh incoming wolves to XCarnival project through DAO management in all aspects such as community AMA, resource exchange, and private domain dissemination, creating more win-win opportunities for both parties. The opportunity is there.

X-Pawn’s continuous upgrades

A richer and more complete list of lendable NFTs: The first phase of X-Pawn lending will go live with a list of high-quality NFTs determined by the platform after research and review. Subsequently, X-Pawn will continue to launch and go live with community-approved varieties of lendable NFTs, finally completing the good vision of providing liquidity support for a large number of NFTs.

Better NFT lending and borrowing derivative functions: Subsequently, X-Pawn will plan to launch a series of core functions such as trading data front office, NFT pre-limit information sharing, auction re-auction and NFT long-short index to further enrich the X-Pawn business ecology.

Richer multi-chain ecology: Currently XCarnival has reached a willingness to cooperate with several NFT projects in the blockchain ecology. With the launch of X-Pawn on the ETH mainnet, XCarnival will subsequently launch X-Pawn functions on several ecological chains such as BSC, SOLANA, Polkadot, etc. to continuously explore the Metaverse era New breakthroughs and new ideas of NFT mobility provisioning solutions.

Break through the confinement of imagination and create the future together with XCarnival!

About XCarnival

XCarnival is committed to building a stable, secure and efficient Metaverse financial infrastructure in the multi-chain ecosystem and providing the best liquidity solution in the market for the Metaverse core assets in Web3.0. At the same time, with the backing of high-quality investment institutions and rich cooperation resources, we are focusing on building XCarnival project itself and its derivative NFT and MetaVerse industry ecosystem. Currently, XCarnival has a global community of over 9W people and 5.2W Twitter followers.

XCarnival Milestones

1. Won the BSC Smartchain Hackathon competition and passed the security audit of Certik and Pai Shield.

2. Successfully launched XCarnival Genesis NFT in cooperation with Galaxy.

3. Launched BSC main grid and NFT collateral lending P2P model: the first batch of cooperation with top quality projects such as BabySwap and Pancake, and launched liquidity rewards, with a total of over 2.5W lending, and a lending scale of over 20 million USD.

4. Launched CMC and CoinGeCko, supported by CMC traffic.

5. Simultaneously launched two major exchanges, gate.io and Matcha, and launched syrup pool incentive with Pancake officials.

6. BSC main online Gamefi IGO platform — XIGO: successfully completed the two major Gamefi projects of Bino and Dracoo NFT issuance.

7. Completed the first Binance NFT market project: sold out 9000 XCarnival Combo Cards in 2 seconds.

8. Completed the construction of X-Pawn testnet, an Ethernet NFT lending platform, and will soon launch the ETH main network.



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