XCarnival Announces that 5,000 ETH will be Distributed to Build the “Security Star” Plan

  • Smart Contract Security
  • XFund — Insurance Fund

Smart Contract Security

As the NFT multi-chain liquidity provider, in order to meet the increasing security challenges, we will strengthen internal cross-audit mechanisms:

XFund — Insurance Fund

XFund is open for XCarnival and our partners , XFund, will invest 5,000 ETH in the next two years.


We have seen the importance of security mechanisms, so that’s why we set up the ”Security Star” plan. We look forward to building upon this progress together in smart contract security and beyond! We are immensely thankful to all of our partners and the community for their generous contributions to us.

Appendix: Timeline of this attacked incident

1. The attack occurred (2022–06–26 20:02:46)



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