XCarnival Initial Gamefi Offering is Coming (Huge Airdrops waiting for you)

1⃣️ AMA with the hottest Gamefi

Co-Launch Guest:
CC : BabySwap Head of Asia Pacific Business
Leo : XCarnival CEO
⏰:20:00 (UTC+8) 15th Dec

2⃣️ Huge Airdrops Waiting for You

Beyond $20,000 USDT Equivalent Tokens & 1000 pcs X-tickets
Airdrops Rules :
1.Creat a meme for XCarnival with #XIGO and screenshot to TG group
2.Retweet this twitter & like & comment & tag 3 friends & leave your bsc address
3.Per day stay active in XCarnival TG group (Quality will be evaluated)

3⃣️ Project Introduction

In response to the growing popularity of Gamefi, XCarnival has responded by releasing V2.0 of XIGO (XCarnival Initial Gamefi Offerings). Unlike simple selling functions seen in IGO platforms on the market, XIGO focuses on the full systemic empowerment of Gamefi, such as NFT empowerment, improving Gamefi user experience, and empowering top-tier NFT trade traffic.

The testimonial which presented the best of XIGO project would be $BABY — NFB. After opening the NFB mortgage lending area, NFB transaction prices increased by 200%, with currency price increasing by 300%.

4⃣️ Rundown

- Sharing the hot topic of Metaverse and trending
- XIGO project presentation
- Baby’s first Gamefi-“The Crypto You” launches on XIGO
- Airdrop rewards
Scan QR code and join in TG group to know more.

About XCarnival:

XCarnival is a lending aggregator that provides easy-to-use financial products. Users can put their NFTs on XBroker as a pledge to borrow money from other lenders. Additionally, users can simultaneously borrow money from Megabox with their altcoins, such as Cake, Dodo, Bifi, and many more. XCarnival believes that “everything is collateral”, and works towards unlocking more liquidity for the metaverse space through its innovative practices.

To learn more about XCarnival, visit xcarnival.fi,follow @XCarnival_Lab on Twitter. To understand the full vision of the XCarnival, read the XCarnival litepaper.

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XCarnival Official

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XCarnival Official

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