XCarnival Online Hackathon Voting Guide

XCarnival is participating in the Blockchain Hackathon in Singapore online hackathon, which is being co-organized by Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks. The online hackathon which has an initial prize pool of a whopping $8,000 and is sponsored by BSC and Konomi.

The Grant distribution is based on a quadratic voting algorithm, with all votes directly affecting the distribution of the $8,000 prize pool. Anyone can vote for XCarnival using the USDC.

How to Vote?

1. The first ticket costs 0.1 USDC. Hence, one has to prepare the USDC first, and this USDC can be exchanged in DoDo and Pancake.

2. Access the voting screen using this link and click on “Connect Wallet”.

3. Configure the BSC master network using Metamask and use the USDC.

The configuration method will include adding a new RPC in MetaMask.

Network name: Binance Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

4. After the wallet is successfully connected, enter the number of votes you want to cast, click “Approve”, and click on “Send” to confirm your vote in the wallet.

5. You can access the Voting list here:https://hackerlink.io/grant/GHS/1.

6. If you have any problems you can contact us on Telegram, using this link.

XCarnival Official