XCarnival Weekly Update 19/08/2022

Hello XCVers🦁️

In July, we adjusted our overall operational strategy. If you wanna know more, here is the details about our future plan.👇

Currently we start to move towards our plan step by step so firstly we complete a new audit of PeckShield.👇

Now we would like to share with you what has happened recently. Here’s XCarnival recap with some of the last week.

Enjoy 🍻

1⃣️ Market Recap by 19/08/2022

  1. Number of XCV(BEP-20) address: 13,394 ; XCV(ERC-20) TVL has exceeded 1000 ETH.
  2. Discord members : 5,990
    Twitter members: 55.3K
    Telegram members:54,138
  3. We held AMA with our partner Shield Official on youtube.

2⃣️ Technical Progress

We have updated our website and product UI.

3⃣️ Operational Progress

  1. XCarnival launched on @shield_dao and provide bonus(up to 20%APY) for users!

2. Return ETH to depositor.

3. XCV(ERC-20) has launched on DefiLIama

4. We opened a new channel for lender to exchange $BUSD to $USDxc.

4⃣️ Campaign Progress

We would like to cooperate with our partner! New airdrop whitelist for lucky winners🎉

About XCarnival

Activate Your NFTs to Metaverse. Borrow tokens quickly and flexibly without selling NFTs. Deposit your crypto assets to earn more .

To learn more about XCarnival, visit xcarnival.fi, follow @XCarnival_Lab on Twitter, join discord discord.gg/SnpRNMkZ2k



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