XCarnival Weekly Update 26/03/2022

We’re exciting to share some news about this week’s XCarnival update🎉. Come check out what XCarnival has to offer and our next steps for the upcoming month. We will open the next chapter !👇

1⃣️ Market Recap by 26/03/2022

  1. Circulating Supply: 50,331,385 XCV
  2. Number of XCV address: 13,279
  3. Media platform followers: 124.7K

2⃣️ Technical Progress

  1. XCarnival Staking Pool has completed and launched on 25 March 20:00(UTC+8) and the interest calculation time is 27 March 20:00 (UTC+8) ⏰
  2. The upcoming product “ Pool to C” contract has been deployed on the testnet and is undergoing unit testing.
  3. NFT oracle machine is undergoing model testing.
  4. Grants of the public chain application have completed the technical evaluation and has been written into a document, making technical preparations for the later compatibility of existing products with other public chains.
  5. Complete the page style of the front-end and basic interaction of the Demo.

3⃣️ Operational Progress

  1. Total number of pledged Mystery Boxes: 16,164
  2. Mystery box now uses the most updated APY data

3. Number of XCV addresses held by wallets: 13,279

4⃣️ Campaign Progress

  1. XCarnival Staking Pool has launched on 25 March 20:00 (UTC+8), the amount of staked $XCV pool will almost reach 2M. If you want to earn the higher APR. Don’t forget the following link 🔗👇


2. XCarnival core contributor Leo joined Mintverse twitter space and shared XCarnival’s progress and the future’s plan👇

About XCarnival

XCarnival is a lending aggregator that provides easy-to-use financial products. Users can put their NFTs on XBroker as a pledge to borrow money from other lenders. Additionally, users can simultaneously borrow money from Megabox with their altcoins, such as Pancake, Dodo, and many more. XCarnival believes that “everything is collateral”, and works towards unlocking more liquidity for the metaverse space through its innovative practices.

To learn more about XCarnival, visit xcarnival.fi,follow @XCarnival_Lab on Twitter. To understand the full vision of the XCarnival, read the XCarnival litepaper.

Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | GitHub | Linkedin




XCarnival Official

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XCarnival Official

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