XCarnival Weekly Update 26/11/2021

0⃣️ Market Recap by 26/11/2021

  • XCV circulating supply: $9.1M
  • XCV circulating market cap: 27.8M
  • Number of holders: 9.8K
  • Twitter followers: 49.5K

1⃣️ Technical Progress:

  1. The design of XIGO UI has been completed and the development function is ongoing: display, purchase, mint Mystery Box, pages and functions & user experience SOP design.
  2. The PC page “Mystery Box” part has been revised
  3. Add the “My Mystery Box” page under PC version under “Mystery Box” list, in which users could check their own NFT asset.

2⃣️ Operational Progress:

  1. Total number of pledged Mystery Boxes: 9,004
  2. Total amount of USDXC from Mint in Megabox: 650,711.87
  3. Mystery box now uses the most updated APY data

4. Number of XCV addresses held by wallets: 9,838

5. XCarnival has been listed on 2 centralized exchanges :

1) MEXC_Global
2) Gate.io

3⃣️ Campaign Progress:


  • x BabySwap trade mining for XCV&Baby Bottle campaign

Channel: Twitter/Telegram

* AMA with XCarnival core contributor Leo
* NFT Giveaway
* Stake XCV-USDT earn $BABY, estimated APR beyond 300%

Campaign Period: 2021.11.12.12:00–2021.12.17 19:51:05 (36 days)

Numbers: Total 4 posts, 217 reply, 274 retweet, 348 likes

  • x DODO

Channel: Twitter

*USDxc/BUSD LP tokens liquidity mining campaign lasting 4 weeks, estimated APR beyond 200%

Campaign Period: 2021.11.24 20:00–2021.12.24 20:00 (31 days)

Numbers: Total 3 posts, 19 reply, 25 retweet, 87 likes

Festival Campaign…

  • Thanks Giving Campaign

Channel: Twitter

*NFT Airdrops

Numbers: 795 reply, 969 retweet(Highest retweet of the week), 881 likes

Campaign overall learning:

  • Common senses festivals are with better user interaction
  • Preheat is helpful to the outcome of twitter campaign

Ambassador Plan…

The community ambassador recruitment activity has kicked off, please stay tuned for more details.

About XCarnival:

XCarnival is a lending aggregator that provides easy-to-use financial products. Users can put their NFTs on XBroker as a pledge to borrow money from other lenders. Additionally, users can simultaneously borrow money from Megabox with their altcoins, such as Cake, Dodo, Bifi, and many more. XCarnival believes that “everything is collateral”, and works towards unlocking more liquidity for the metaverse space through its innovative practices.

To learn more about XCarnival, visit xcarnival.fi,follow @XCarnival_Lab on Twitter. To understand the full vision of the XCarnival, read the XCarnival litepaper.

Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | GitHub | Linkedin



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