XCarnival’s big announcement

Great news!

The long-anticipated XCarnival’s Genesis NFT Mystery Box sales finally kick off.

We will have 3 rounds of sales for the Genesis NFT Mystery Box Sales, please mark the date.

(1) 10 PM (UTC+8) , Oct 18th 2021 on Galaxy (galaxy.eco)

(2) 11 PM (UTC+8), Oct 18th 2021 on XCarnival (XCarnival.fi)

(3) 10 PM (UTC+8), Oct 20 on Treasureland (treasureland.market)

Also, XCarnival’s mainnet launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will kick off at 23:59 (UTC+8), on Oct 18.

The important implications are: all the NFTs could be mined on XCarnival.fi for $XCV (our token).

More information:

Currency: BUSD

Supply: 10000


250BUSD on Galaxy

300BUSD on XCarnival

350BUSD on Treasureland

About XCarnival Genesis Mystery Box

Joker Lion is the “N” Level NFT with 8 different styles (total amount 6500)

Farmer Lion is the “R” Level NFT with 8 different styles (total amount 2000)

Biz Lion is the “S” Level NFT with 8 different styles (total amount 1000).

Warrior Lion is the “SR” Level NFT with 8 different styles (total amount 400).

Space Lion is the “SSR” Level NFT with 5 different styles (total amount 100).

*Just a friendly hint: you could mine with these Genesis XCarnival NFTs on XCarnival.fi. For more details, please stay tuned with our series of AMAs and announcements.

How to claim XCarnival Genesis NFT

1. Enter galaxy.eco and connect wallet

2. Click Explore: XCarnival

3. Click Enter

4. Click Claim

How to get whitelisted for XCarnival Genesis NFT Sales

General rules:

Total Supply: 10,000 slots on the Whitelist

Each whitelist wallet address is qualified to buy 2 Mystery boxes, while there are altogether 10,000 XCarnival genesis mystery boxes available in circulation, which means only people on the whitelist have the qualification to purchase, and half of those on the whitelist will actually get the boxes following the “first come, first serve” rule.

In order to reward the long-term supporters, early-stage supporters that have been with us since the beginning, joined our campaign with CMC airdrops and won, will join the whitelist directly.

How to apply for the Whitelist?

1. Join TG:https://t.me/XCarnivalCommunity
2. DM @XCarnival_bot
3. Leave your BSC address

Important notice:

1.Our admins will NEVER message you directly on telegram under any circumstances.

2. Make sure you have binded your bsc wallet address with your telegram account via @XCarnival_bot

3. Please do not engage with scam groups on Telegram. Anyone claimed to be an admin, trying to sell you anything, is a scammer. Any funds sent there will most certainly never be recovered. Please do not entertain these scammers.

About Token Distribution

XCarnival Governance Token:$XCV

Total Token Supply: 1Billion

Public Round Price: 0.1usd

Yield farming 50%


Team&Advisors 12%


Treasury 7%

airdrop 3%

Usages of XCV:

With rapid development of the NFT market, lending & Pledging is the infrastructure of the industry, with huge potentials and demand.

Users could use XCV to participate in NFT lending and pledging. Simply by holding XCV, you could join the DAO governance, or become a community volunteer ambassador. ‌

Of course you could also enter the whitelist of NFT mortgage lending and join mining, etc.

Through its mining mechanism, the XCarnival platform allows users to form a habit with NFT pledging and lending, which is one of the first in the industry, with first-to-market advantages.

Aboout XCarnival

XCarnival is a lending aggregator for Metaverse assets which offers innovative liquidation solutions for varieties of NFT assets and long- tail crypto assets.

With the explosive development of NFTs, XCarinval came up with its innovative peer-2-peer XBroker platform. Designed to offer a seamless user experience, XBroker brings to the forefront the promising mechanism of time-limited auction liquidation to solve the price and liquidity challenges faced by NFTs.

Another XCarnival’s key product is Megabox, which focuses on sub-mainstream tokens mortgage and lending. Megabox comes integrated with the superior Pool Mortgage Rate Setting Model and Risk Control System that can effectively release liquidity and expand the profit exposure to users who own altcoins.

XCarnival is a multi-chain protocol set to launch on the Binance Smart Chain, and the team is also synchronizing the platform’s backend to deploy it across the Ethereum Layer 2 network Polygon and Solana.

About US:

Official website: https://xcarnival.fi/

Contact XCarnival: contact@xcarnival.fi

Join the community:

Global: https://t.me/XCarnivalCommunity

Chinese: https://t.me/XCarnival_Chinese

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XCarnival_Lab


Certik Audit Report:


CoinMarketCap page:





XCarnival Official

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