XCarnival is participating in the Blockchain Hackathon in Singapore online hackathon, which is being co-organized by Binance Smart Chain and DoraHacks. The online hackathon which has an initial prize pool of a whopping $8,000 and is sponsored by BSC and Konomi.

The Grant distribution is based on a quadratic voting algorithm, with all votes directly affecting the distribution of the $8,000 prize pool. Anyone can vote for XCarnival using the USDC.

How to Vote?

1. The first ticket costs 0.1 USDC. Hence, one has to prepare the USDC first, and this USDC can be exchanged in DoDo and Pancake.


In case you haven’t read our beginner’s guide to Synthetic Assets, here’s a little primer on this exciting concept. Synthetic assets generally refer to a blend of assets that have the same value as another asset. Think of it as a mirror asset, representing another asset, much like a derivative. Synthetics combine several derivative products, futures, or swaps — that mimic a fundamental asset — stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or interest rates.

For example, instead of buying a stock, an investment firm can buy a call option, sell a put option on the same stock. …

Although cryptocurrency and digital assets have been around for more than a decade now, it was only recently that they gained so significantly in popularity and started becoming mainstream. The digital assets industry has only gotten started, and in the future, one can expect a revolutionary transformation in the market.

The Present

Currently, the digital assets industry has seen unprecedented growth in the applications of blockchain technology and the tokenization of assets. Extending beyond the mere scope of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has far-fetched applications in the everyday lives of human beings.

The innovations in blockchain alone could potentially become the greatest inventions of…

Synthetic assets open up several opportunities for investors by not confining them to a specific location. If the concept excites you, there’s good news from XCarnival. Recently, XCarnival announced the completion of a multi-million-dollar seed round of financing in its quest to reinvent synthetic assets in crypto.

This investment was led by Fundamental Labs, Zonff Partners, SNZ, EVG, NGC, etc. At the same time, institutions like AU21, Incuba Alpha, DFG, WaterDrip, LD Capital, Gate, ChainCapital , Bitrise Capital, and clothes were vital participants in the investment. …

By definition, synthetic assets are financial instruments that imitate another asset with a few changes in its actual properties. They are a group of assets, which due to being clubbed resemble another financial instrument. In this sense, they are inherent derivatives. We’ve gone into detail on what synthetic assets are and how they work in this previous post.

Today, we uncover their objectives, applications and future potential.

What is the point of synthetic assets?

Synthetic assets come in handy for those who do not want the actual asset in their hold. This is especially a boon in the crypto world as all the investor must do is…

If you believe you’re considerably clueless about the term ‘Synthetic assets’ and want to know what it’s all about, welcome. The term is somewhat explanatory in itself: ‘Synthetic’ refers to something that is artificial. Lying somewhere in the same ballpark, synthetic assets are those assets which do not actually have a value of their own, but imitate other financial instruments.

To define them in a more precise manner — synthetic assets are a combination of assets which act like another asset. …


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