XCarnival Weekly Update 14/05/2022

1⃣️ Market/Testnet Recap by 08/05/2022

  1. Number of XCV address: 13,132
  2. Discord members : 4,495
    Twitter members: 52,418
    Telegram members: 67,915

2⃣️ Technical Progress

3⃣️ Operational Progress

  1. Total number of pledged Mystery Boxes: 14,178
  2. Mystery box now uses the most updated APY data

4⃣️ Campaign Progress

  1. We held the OG incentive campaign, If you have not join the camoaign, join now https://xcarnival-lab.medium.com/xcarnival2-0-testnet-kicks-off-how-to-win-30-000-token-rewards-210dc950f3c0



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