XCarnival2.0 Testnet Kicks off: How to Win $30,000 Token Rewards

4 min readMay 2, 2022


Great news!

Earlier this week, XCarnival released the testnet campaign to the public, and its topic is rapidly climbing rank in the community!

Seven months ago, we completed the mainnet launch of XCarnival on the BSC chain, and completed the first appearance in the entire NFT mortgage lending track. During this period, we have cooperated with projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem such as Galaxy, Pancake ,dodo and Gamefi projects.

NOW! The long-anticipated XCarnival2.0 testnet campaign finally kicks off.

🤝We will cooperate with Galaxy to jointly award medals to users who have completed the test. Users who receive medals will receive long-term empowerment support. Users who make valid comments or contributions during will receive both identity and empowerment. We will provide token rewards worth $30,000.

#What is X-Pawn?

X-Pawn is XCarnival 2.0 product based on Ethereum , providing a liquidity solution for the Ethereum ecological NFT, and users can participate as depositors or mortgage borrowers.

More details👉https://xcarnival-lab.medium.com/x-pawn-nft-liquidity-solution-for-multi-chain-ecosystem-83d5d5f1a1cc

#Become X-Pawn Experience Officer

XCarnival 2.0 Testnet is an important milestone for cross-chain Ethereum. We invite everyone to join the testnet activities to conduct all-round testing of new products. At the same time, we will launch a testnet reward program to encourage participants to make comprehensive preparations for X-Pawn’s stable launch of Ethereum.

X-Pawn Testnet guides link👉 https://xcarnival-lab.medium.com/xcarnival2-0-x-pawn-testnet-tutorial-caf13683082a

This time, not only will there be a testnet experience, but we will also open the OG identity qualification.

🆔 1. How to get OG identity?

Rule 1: We will randomly select 20% of the lucky users in the Discord#👌🏻|oat channel, and send the OG quota directly.

Rule 2: In addition to official certification, users can apply for OG to join us.
Follow the link to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/SnpRNMkZ2k

After joining Discord, click on the #✉️|og-apply channel

Application Template:
Areas of expertise:

Past Experience in Crypto Industry:
What do you want to do in the community:
Your vision for the community:

After complete the above information, we will review them one by one, and we will issue OG quotas to users who pass the review.

Rule 3: We sincerely invite and welcome well-known KOLs in the industry, senior practitioners and users who have made outstanding contributions to XCarnival, and we will also send you OG places.

2. What can I get when I become the OG?
OG identity is extremely important, users with OG identity will receive many benefits, including but not limited to:

*Project Airdrop
*Project Party Cooperation NFT
*Early access to products
*XCarnival’s present

💰#Testnet Incentives

In this test event, we will send a total value of $30,000 equivalent to XCV to reward and thank the users who participated in this event. Users who receive medals will receive long-term empowerment support, and users who make valid comments or make other contributions during the test period will receive both identity and long-term empowerment.

X-Pawn is mainly composed of two functions: deposit and mortgage lending. After users complete the two major functional experience and pay off the loan will have chance to get the reward. 💰

Now complete following steps :

  1. Join the XCarnivalDAO Discord
    Link: https://discord.gg/SnpRNMkZ2k
  2. Follow the system prompts to verify your Discord account
  3. After completing the verification, enter the #💰|reward-proof channel

4. After entering the channel, please send the wallet address you used to participate in the experience test to the #💰|award-proof channel. Please pay attention to the relevant information in the channel later.

#How to get Galaxy OAT ?

Please log in with your wallet address participating in the testnet: https://galaxy.eco/

After entering the website, follow the instructions below to claim Galaxy OAT👇

After claiming your Galaxy OAT, you need to return to the Discord#🎖|galaxy-token-proof channel, and link the wallet in the channel for NFT asset verification.

After verification, please join the #👌🏻|oat channel.

🦁️Come experience X-Pawn and win huge rewards!